Thanksgiving Leftovers Soup

I stood in front of a fridge packed full like a kid’s closet.  A couple of times I opened the door and a bottle of sparkling cider, wine or a boursin would fall out and hit me in the shin.  I cursed this fridge, full of leftovers from Thanksgiving.  Pies, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, casserole, vegetables, strudels, and a hundred different types of cheese.  I couldn’t find anything, I couldn’t put anything new in there and damnit, I was sick of the same leftovers and I wasn’t going to eat it anymore!

So I decided to make a dish out of my leftovers that didn’t taste like giving thanks.  As someone who doesn’t eat turkey, google searches for leftovers were a wash, so I had to get creative.

I decided on soup.  And o.m.g. I’m glad I did.  It was delicious…thankfully.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Soup

No recipe, but here’s what I did.  I heated some frozen celery leaves I had saved from a stalk a few weeks ago with “no-chicken” broth in a pot and added some Sunny Paris seasoning from Penzey’s and let that heat up.  Tossed in some rustic truffled mashed potatoes (chunky, with skins) and some cheesy corn casserole.  Added black pepper, crushed red pepper and salt.  And boom! Soup!

We had this soup as a side last night with a vegetarian Reuben and it was amazing.  What a hearty, winter meal!