List Lovin’

Wow, the internet was a feast for the eyes this week! I found so many wonderful things that I want to share with you. I bought some fun things and I also got a million new ideas for dishes to make soon at home. I hope you’ll indulge me while I share these fun surprises.

First, I bought this beautiful round pet bed in yellow chevron stripes for my big puppy.

I finally purchased The Flavor Bible, which I’ve been wanting forever. Today, I just went for it.

When I have people over dinner, my menu planning goes exactly like this!

Want to see what 200 calories looks like? It’s really interesting.

I think I’m going to start following KTJ’s blog about her inspiring weight loss journey.

Now that I have this new juicer, I should probably try these recipes for green juices.

When I saw these cookies, I’m pretty sure I salivated. Like, a lot.

This a beautiful take on the old “hang plastic bags full of water to scare away flies” trick.

OMG what! I can spray paint a roast chicken in gold?

I love Asian slaw and this one looks like a winner. (Find my slaw posts hereΒ and here.)

What’s with my sweet tooth this week? These look awesome.

I’m in love with this blog and her food photos.

I want to host a Mad Men party (It’s back! Yes!) and I want to serve this.



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