Thanksgiving Turkey

The best Thanksgiving Turkey ever @kristelpoole


Get the recipe and some Thanksgiving turkey tips at the NEW SITE!


Moving Out, Moving Up


Hey, there’s exciting news today! It’s been a little quiet around here because I’ve been working diligently on a new home for my blog. It’s undergone about 25 name changes, looks, colors and layouts, but it’s finally getting close to where I want it. The switch will happen very soon, so I wanted to give you a heads up. I’ll be posting there soon and asking you to join me in our comfy new space. I think you’ll like it, and I hope you’ll join me in moving on to bigger and brighter pastures. More updates soon, including all the details on where to find it and how the transition will work. Til then, try to stay warm (it’s not even in degrees I understand right now, I think it’s the teens?) and get ready for a bevy of Thanksgiving recipes to hit the new space soon. Yay!

Demon Days Waffles with Bacon with Virginia Craft Brews Magazine

Demon Days Red Ale Bacon Waffles - cooking with beer with @kristelpoole and @vacraftbrews

In this summer’s issue of Virginia Craft Brews, I created a recipe using a delicious local beer from Triple Crossing Brewing Company‘s Demon Days Red Ale. It’s a delicious beer, better than many red ales I’ve tried, and the guys running this brewery are top-notch. You can make these waffles with an amber, stout or lager as well. To get the full recipe and to read more, get your online issue of Virginia Craft Brews (for free!) Continue reading

Saison Market

I love seeing thriving new restaurants with incredibly inventive cuisine tuck into the most unexpected places. Many old and new restaurants in Richmond have followed this model, such as The Black Sheep, The Magpie, Saison, The Rogue Gentlemen, Mamma Zu and Pasture. One second you’re walking down a street that seems almost forgotten – and one step through the doors and you’re transported into someplace alive and magical. That’s what I love about Saison’s sister shop, Saison Market. Continue reading

The Old School Charm of Roy’s Big Burger

Roy's Big Burger (1960's) on Lakeside Avenue in Richmond, VA @kristelpoole

Roy’s Big Burger is an old Richmond, VA classic. The drive-up stand offers a covered walk-up for ordering and a window to watch the cook prepare burgers as you look on trying to guess which one is yours. There is no dining room and no drive-through, just a couple picnic tables, which most patrons don’t use. Tradition at Roy’s is to eat in your car while you sit in the parking lot. And some things never change.

Roy's Big Burger (A Richmond, VA 1960's classic drive-up burger shop) on Lakeside Avenue in Richmond, VA @kristelpoole Roy's Big Burger (A Richmond, VA 1960's classic drive-up burger shop) on Lakeside Avenue in Richmond, VA @kristelpoole Continue reading