Saison Market

I love seeing thriving new restaurants with incredibly inventive cuisine tuck into the most unexpected places. Many old and new restaurants in Richmond have followed this model, such as The Black Sheep, The Magpie, Saison, The Rogue Gentlemen, Mamma Zu and Pasture. One second you’re walking down a street that seems almost forgotten – and one step through the doors and you’re transported into someplace alive and magical. That’s what I love about Saison’s sister shop, Saison Market. Continue reading

The Old School Charm of Roy’s Big Burger

Roy's Big Burger (1960's) on Lakeside Avenue in Richmond, VA @kristelpoole

Roy’s Big Burger is an old Richmond, VA classic. The drive-up stand offers a covered walk-up for ordering and a window to watch the cook prepare burgers as you look on trying to guess which one is yours. There is no dining room and no drive-through, just a couple picnic tables, which most patrons don’t use. Tradition at Roy’s is to eat in your car while you sit in the parking lot. And some things never change.


Roy's Big Burger (A Richmond, VA 1960's classic drive-up burger shop) on Lakeside Avenue in Richmond, VA @kristelpoole Roy's Big Burger (A Richmond, VA 1960's classic drive-up burger shop) on Lakeside Avenue in Richmond, VA @kristelpoole Continue reading

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Quarters


Nothing tastes quite like summer to me as grilled foods flavored with fresh herbs and lemon. It’s a simple combination of bright flavors that makes your taste buds suddenly alert, like the lights came on and everyone wants to know what’s going on. I remember having this feeling of “mouth alertness” during almost every meal I ate in my travels in Greece. I can still remember the sweet, salty, and punchy flavors of a grilled stuffed calamari sprinkled with the juice of a fresh lemon I ate while overlooking the bright blue ocean as it slapped against the cliffs of Corfu. Continue reading

RVA Restaurant Preview: Chuy’s Midlothian

I love Tex-Mex food. There. I said it.

#RVA Restaurant Preview: Chuy's Midlothian @kristelpoole

Salsa Fresca – Comes with your chips and it is SO good.

Tex-Mex gets a bad rap, but I’m not sure why. Who doesn’t love chiles, cheese, tortillas, meat and more cheese? It’s not authentic Mexican food, but I think that’s okay. It’s not trying to be. Tex-Mex is kind of like jazz; multiple cultural influences can bring out some really wonderful things. Continue reading